Beer, Wine & Cocktails



Patron Silver Tequila or 100 Proof 1830s Original Moonshine

Forge Runner

Rum, Blackberry Moonshine, Bananas Foster Moonshine, pineapple & orange juices

Texas Mule

Tito’s Vodka or Old Forge Ginger Lemongrass Rock & Rye, ginger beer and lime

Mexican Mule

Tito’s Vodka, tamarind soda and lime

Bloody Mary

Tito’s Vodka or 100 Proof 1830s Original Moonshine with a homemade mix

Espresso Martini

Espresso, Bailey’s, Tito’s Vodka and Coffee Moonshine

Split Rail Manhattan

Old Forge Ginger Lemongrass Rock & Rye, Old Forge Coffee Moonshine, Old Forge Moonshine Cherry & Orange

Frozen Margarita

Silver Tequila

Frozen Mudslide

Tito’s Vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish cream

Frozen Bushwacker

Tito’s Vodka, dark rum, Bailey’s Irish cream, Kahlua, 151 rum, pineapple juice & cream of coconut

Frozen Grasshopper

Ole’ Smoky Mint Chocolate Chip Moonshine with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream

Strawberry Daiquiri

with rum, whipped cream and a cherry


Prosecco and orange juice


Prosecco & peach juice or pineapple juice

Homemade Sangria

Red or white

Beer & Wine

We offer an assortment of beer and wine. Ask your server for the current selection.